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Development plans

For your clearly understanding of our company development plans,  below sum up phase1-3 plan information.

food waste processor future


Phase 1 plan

We believe education on nature, on the environment and the issue of food waste should be emphasized. Hence the classroom is an ideal point to take the first step. 


Every student should take action in the food waste movement, disposing of food waste into a food waste processor, observing the process of how food waste can transform into organic crops, therefore affecting the child in ways outside the classroom as well.  

Residential biodegradation processor features drying and biodegradation, residues produced can be directly used as fertilizer. Can process approximately 1.5KG daily, suitable for general households and classrooms


Phase 2 plan

Promote food waste processing solutions to communities and private compounds

  Our products and services can be divided into consumer and industrial/commercial ,to co-operate with Housing Management Company, set up sales point in every estate to motivate food waste collection activity, as well as residue collection.  Collection transportation to retrive daily by district respectively.


Further promoted to wet markets, other than dehydrating processors, grinders can also be installed to process bones and shellfishes. 

food waste solutions


organic fertilizers from food waste

Phase 3 plan

Cooperating with the mainland China agricultural industry, can absorb a monthly 100,000 tonnes  in use of organic fertilizers as a backup when local processing capacity are exceeds local absorption.

Phase 1 plan
Phase 2 plan
Phase 3 plan
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